Update from Gangtey Lodge, Bhutan

March 25, 2021

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As winter begins its slow retreat and scatterings of bright pink peach blossom hint of warmer days ahead, Bhutan prepares for an important week. From Saturday the country will start rolling out a vaccination program targeting the entire population over the period of a week. As a tiny country of just 800,000, vaccinating the entire country is quite possible and this means Bhutan can begin looking ahead to the happy possibility of welcoming guests back soon. And all of us here at Gangtey Lodge couldn’t be more excited.

Over the last year, this unexpected pause has been an opportunity to remind ourselves of all the things about this valley that we look forward to sharing with guests when travel returns. The wide open spaces to walk in, the clean fresh air to breathe in, the cool, pristine forests, rushing rivers and the gentle call of Buddhist prayers early in the morning as our neighbouring monks pray for the country and the well-being of its people.

We have also been reminded of all the wonderful guests who have travelled to stay with us and who quickly became good friends and who we hope will return again soon. But most importantly we have also been working hard to make the Gangtey Lodge experience even more special for our guests and of course, safe.
During this difficult time, we have also been grateful for the wise leadership of His Majesty the King and our government, who have led Bhutan carefully and compassionately through this challenging time. Their actions have inspired a sense of solidarity across the country as local businesses, community groups and members of Parliament stepped up to offer help – taxi drivers offered to get people home without charge when stranded during lockdown, hotel owners offered up their properties for the government to use as quarantine stations and members of Parliament took reduced salaries to lessen the economic strain.
And so, with this same sense of compassion and care, we look forward to welcoming guests into our Gangtey home, offering them needed respite from the past year and an opportunity to let the timeless beauty and gentle quiet of Gangtey Valley, along with the exquisite luxury of the lodge and its warm hospitality, nurture and nourish them until they feel refreshed and restored.
We look forward to inviting you in to bathe in the beauty of Bhutan and when this moment comes.
“May the sun of peace and happiness shine upon you…” – Bhutanese Proverb.

Warmest Regards,
Your Gangtey Lodge Family


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