A real highlight of Gangtey Lodge is a traditional Bhutanese Hot Stone Bath, or "Dotsho", which uses river rocks to heat the water, releasing key minerals that relieve aches and pains in the body.

Hot Stone Bath

Hot Stone Baths are an ancient Bhutanese tradition and are a popular form of medicinal practice. The bath itself is made of local pine wood and the rocks that are used to heat the water are large river boulders. It is believed that the heat from the water, the minerals released from the rock and the local herbs all combine to produce medicinal benefits for joint pains, stomach disorders, arthritis, hypertension and many other minor ailments. The addition of local aromatic herbs in the water further enhances the healing. The herbs are collected from the surrounding Bhutanese forests. The minerals in the rocks and the fresh spring water contain chemicals that are believed to release curative powers.

The treatment starts with a foot scrub for a gentle exfoliation, followed by a luxurious de-stress massage, combining techniques from Thailand, India and Hawaii, using warm aromatic oils. Your muscles are continuously massaged along with gentle stretching, which encourages you to relax and assists in toxin removal from the body. Relieving physical and mental stress transmitted in daily life, this therapy offers renewed energy and encourages repair and renewal to all systems of the body. Finally the treatment ends with the Traditional Bhutanese Hot Stone Bath.


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